Ever wanted to know what gives Greek food that mythological flavor?  The magic flavor formula so far off the charts, Pythagoras himself can't calculate its goodness?

Well, wonder no more--you've found it.

Made with rich, full-bodied, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from family farms in the heart of Greece, oregano grown under the Mediterranean sun, and the juice of real, ripe lemons, this is Ladolemono: a traditional season-all blend passed through generations of Greek families... and now to you.

Use it as a vinaigrette to add a fresh kick to any salad.  Marinate your chicken, pork, or fish with it to put a little "opa!" in every bite.  Use it as a finishing sauce on seared steak, grilled lamb or roasted veggies to make those charred notes sing.

With a plethora of possibilities in every drop, just imagine what this bottle can do for you. 


Bottled in the Hudson Valley, using some of the finest ingredients imported from Greece.

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Sourcing only the finest ingredients for our Ladolemono.

Our Philosophy...

We hand-select each ingredient to ensure the best in potency, freshness, and quality -- hold the perservatives.

The Main Ingredient

We only use rich, full-bodied, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil from family farms in Greece. 

Focused on Quality. Don't Believe in Concentrate.

Made from the juice of real, ripe lemons.  Never from concentrate.

Wild-Grown Mountain Herbs

Made with wild-grown, Greek mountain oregano.

Flavor, not Additives

Natural sea salt is what we use to enhance the flavor of our original Ladolemono recipe.  Sea salt reduces the amount of additives you consume. Table salt is stripped of its minerals and is mixed with anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate or additive E-554.  Due to its minimal processing, sea salt retains many of its minerals.  Some sea salts can exceed a mineral content of 80 + minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Fresh-Cracked Black Pepper

Pepper contains various phenolic acids that are vulnerable to oxidation. When pepper is freshly-ground, you expose the un-oxidized center of the peppercorns, releasing flavor that hasn't been exposed to air and degraded.  The peppercorns contain oils that, when fresh-ground, can release much more flavor than pre-ground pepper. Commercially ground pepper can lose this flavor if the oils are degraded during the various phases of grinding, packaging, shipping and storing.